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A quick and easy modest wear hack, plus - Who's in the hot seat this week đź‘€?

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Fashion is all about expression and storytelling; and modestwear can form a part of this narrative. Whether you choose to cover up for faith, comfort, practicality or style- the beauty is in having the choice.

In this 'Spotlight On...' feature we'll be shining the light on some women you should know- flourishing in their field, and armed with a modest wardrobe.

Our first guest to step into the hot seat is Athina Gordon self-publishing author, nurse and coffee lover from East London.

Author and Nurse Athina Gordon wearing a white modest blouse from modest wear brand Laiq Lounge

Tell us a bit about yourself, and a proud moment in your life? 

I am a Paediatric nurse and a children’s author. I’m the founder of World of Diversity which promotes diversity in children’s literature. We focus on empowering children by celebrating and appreciating the things that make them different. A proud moment in my life was publishing my first children’s book “Just Like You” and receiving the sample copy in the post. It made it feel real, like -I actually did it, I'm a whole author. 


Describe your style in 3 words?  Modest, eclectic, comfortable

What is your favourite item in your wardrobe? And why? A pink jumpsuit. It was a gift from my sister and although it's very simple, it elevates my whole look and makes me feel really glam. How you feel in the clothes that you wear is very important, because it’s an extension of yourself. When you walk into a room, it’s one of the first things that stands out about you. And unfortunately people use this to form an opinion of you, so its important you’re comfortable in what you're wearing so that your confidence naturally exudes.

What does modesty mean to you? Not having your bum cheeks hanging out [laughs] . For me modesty is a form of self-confidence and self-respect. I love me, I respect who I am and I’m going to present the best version of myself. 

Have you always dressed modestly?[if yes] why?[if not] What was the turning point for you? No. I used to love 'batty rider' shorts back in the day. The turning point was taking my Christian Faith more seriously. The Bible talks about how intimately God knows us; so for the fact that he took his time to create and mould me as a woman, it's important to me to uphold this sancity. 

Any advice you’d give to someone trying to dress more modestly? Dressing modestly doesn’t have to be frumpy or unfashionable. One tip I'd give is that you don’t have to make a drastic change from how you already dress, but thinking about small changes like using a neck scarf over V-neck top, or swapping it for a crew neck. You don’t need a whole brand new wardrobe- just a bit of creative styling, and you're on your way. 

Athina is wearing our Tahlia Tie Sleeve Blouse . You can check out Athina’s children's books at World of Diversity and connect with her via @worldofdivers1ty on Instagram.


Modest Style Hack

modest wear styling hacks

This weeks tip is all about the versatility of a buttoned shirt.Here's 3 ways to style a shirt with high waisted trousers.

1. Leave the last few buttons undone and tie the base of the shirt into a bow

2. Go for asymmetry and have only one side of the shirt tucked in to the trousers.

3. Pair with a crew neck vest top and wear it unbuttoned for "Shacket" vibes.


Recreate the look with our Hafsa Trousers:

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